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Can a friend sponsor me to immigrate and live in Canada? If yes, how?
Short answer is yes.However you need to be aware that the friend is responsible for you forseveral years you cannot claim any government help the friend must pay it.If you claim welfare the government will force him to pay it.Also you need a job before you arrive and you have to stay at that jobusually for 3 years.Your best choice is to ask the Canadian embassy this question as somecountries citizens are banned from immirgating to Canada unless they have alot of wealth or are highly skilled such a nuclear physicist.
Can a friend sponsor someone to immigrate to the UK?
Maybe you could if for example you are the freind’s employer you couldsponsor that person to move to the UK through use of the Tier 2 work visa.The minimum salary you would need to pay the freind to qualify for the Tier 2work visa is £30000. Your freind also needs to be a graduate to qualify forthe Tier 2 work visa unless you are hiring him to work as a Chef or as aPipeline welder. Chefs and Pipeline welders are classified by the governmentas “shortage occupations” . The minimum salary for “shortage occupations” is£21800 rather than the £30000. But this idea probably wont work if yourregistered company has no track record and is not generating enough revenue topay employees.The only other way you could in theory sponsor that person I can think ofwould be to hand the freind £200000 which he or she would use for the fundsto qualify for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur’s visa. However 75 of Tier 1Entrepreneur visa applications are rejected. Many are rejected because theapplicant has no track record in business. Particularly fresh graduates intheir early 20s who have never worked but have a £200k gift from their parentsfor the visa.If you are a generous millionaire the Tier 1 Investment visa would be anotherway you could sponsor your freind in an informal way to move to the UK. Toqualify for the Tier 1 Investment visa the applicant needs £2 million of hisown or his wife’s money or visa verca to buy £2 million worth ofgovernment bonds.The £ 2million is then returned after X years. But I believe the £2 millioncan’t be money that has been borrowed. So there is the difficulty if it isyour intention to only lend the £2 million spare cash you have to the freind.Tier 1 Investment Visa holders can however stop in the UK indefinitely withouthaving to find a job run a business or study. The Playboy’s visa
What are the Risks and Benefits of Sponsoring a B2 Tourist Visa for a Non-Immigrant friend that wants to visit the USA?
Disclaimer I am not a lawyerB2 visas are generally not sponsored so unless you really know what you aredoing like you are an immigration lawyer I would suggest not to sponsor.There are a few exceptions but those would not apply for friends.The best approach is to make sure the friend can show by himselfherself theirnonimmigrant intent their ability to support the cost of the trip the tiesto their home country and intent to come back. For that most people located in the USA will not be of help except forproviding an invitation to stay for a limited time as the address the friendwill prfor their short stay. Family supporting the trip for examplewould be much more helpful if they reside in the home country than in the USA. If you both are single and may be interested in dating for example yoursupport would be counterproductive.
Am a student in one of the government universities in Ghana, A friend in theUS (citizen) wants to sponsor me to visit (non immigrant) during my upcomingvacation.What are the documents I need for my interview?
If it’s just a tourist visa B2 you don’t need a sponsor. Follow theinstructions on the US Embassy webpage. You need to demonstrate that you donot have an intent to immigrate to the US.Nonimmigrant Visas U.S. Embassy in Ghana
Can a friend sponsor me to immigrate and live in China? If yes, how?
It is practically impossible to emigrate immigrate or migrate to Chinaemigrate vs. immigrate vs. migrate on Vocabulary.com. Very simply Chinararely even grants permanent resident status much less citizenship. Chinawill let people work and live there but residency permits are only temporaryand you will always only be a foreigner living and working in China.
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