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Once the employment visa is cancelled in UAE, what is the liability on the employer in case the person does not exit the country during the grace period? Does the immigration rope in the sponsor to get information on the now cancelled employee?
If the employee doesn’t exist within the 1 month grace period, the sponsor won’t be able to retrieve the cancelled employee’s security deposit. This way, the sponsor will know and the sponsor becomes obliged to report the employee the authority to waive legal liabilities. The blocked security deposit will be used to repatriate the obsconding employee once apprehended.How much legal liability on hr sponsor side? Not much if th employer followed proper procedures. It’s best to contact immigration for that information as it gets updated frequently.
How is it possible to get a US non-immigrant visa when my employer is sponsoring me?
The application procedure depends on which non-immigrant visa is sought. Here’s the most frequently used categories:H-1B visas for skilled and college-educated workers. They have the least restrictions of all the work visas, but because there’s an annual lottery, they are only used if no other visa category applies. (A few employers are exempt from the lottery, like universities.)TN visas for citizens of Mexico and Canada.E visas for employees covered by a treaty. (The company owner must be of the same nationality as the employee, and must either hold an E visa himself or live outside of the US and qualify for an E visa were he to apply.)L visas for the intra-company transfer of an employee in an international corporation.O visas for workers of extraordinary ability or achievement. (Requires much higher qualifications than an H-1B, but bypasses the H-1B lottery.)J-1 visas. There’s a bunch of different categories that each have their own restrictions. J-1 visas are typically used for interns, trainees, researchers, teachers, and Au Pairs.Here’s the full list. Each visa category will tell you how the application process for that visa works. Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Workers
When will the United States stop allowing immigrants and start sponsoring immigration to other countries such as China and India?
My dear friend , The day indians come out of USA , silicone valley would collapse in no time , NASA has highest no. of employees from India , Silicon valley has more Indian origin people then any foreigners , Dean of Harvard MBA programme is from India , as everyone knows Microsoft and Google CEO are Indian , According to labour bureau statistics , The Indian are largest pool of people on such positions in USA it would hit hard on economy if they were ever to leave .Now coming back to your question , USA is benefited alot from immigrants all over the world that's why they give support to them when they're entering into states , All of them contribute to the GDP of USA and if this pool has ever to be removed , it would be real trouble , The day President Trump changed his Policy limiting the no. Of immigrants , MIT , Harvard and all the local group of universities together wrote them letters stating if they limit the foreign students from India and China , Universities will face problems with incoming quality of students as well as Low tier Universities would be suffering to make $$$ without those guys , so probably that would never happen unless Some Psychopath wants to collapse their own economy.
What is the best way to find a Canadian sponsor to help in immigration 'if you don't have any relatives in Canada'?
I’m not quite sure what you mean by “find a Canadian sponsor” in this question.Canada has three immigrant types.Family class immigrants are people who have a close relative who is already Canadian. The close relative is called a “sponsor.” A sponsor can be a spouse/partner, parent, child, or grandchild. Those are the only options. You can’t “find” a sponsor like this if you don’t have any relatives in Canada.Refugee class immigrants are people who are fleeing a disaster or war in their home country. Refugees can also have “sponsors.” In this case, a “sponsor” is a group of at least five people who agree to financially support the refugee and help them get settled when they arrive in Canada for up to two years or until they’re able to support themselves.In my experience, most of the groups sponsoring refugees are churches, mosques, temples, or synagogues who believe that helping refugees is a moral thing that their god(s) would like them to do. If you wanted to find this kind of sponsor, I would suggest contacting religious institutions in Canada. They don’t have to be the same religion you are.(You can also immigrate to Canada as a refugee without a sponsor if you’re referred by a UN group. )Economic class immigrants are skilled people who come to Canada to work. Economic immigrants do not have sponsors. It’s not like the American H1B program where an American company offers you a job and and they become your “sponsor” and if they fire you you have to leave.If you are an economic class immigrant, you give a bunch of information about yourself - what languages you speak, your education, your job history, stuff like that - to the Canadian government. Then they assign you points based on the information and how much the government thinks it needs whatever kind of work you do. If you have a job offer already, it’s worth a few points, but not a huge number. If you have enough points, you will be invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. There are separate programs for skilled workers (like managers or accountants or programmers) and trades (like construction or manufacturing). There are extra programs for jobs Canada really needs, like pilots and nurses, and for investors who are already rich and planning to start companies in Canada.So• I don’t know what kind of sponsor you were looking for, but those are your options.Family class - your sponsor is a close relativeRefugee class - your sponsor is a group of charitable people, probably a religious institutionEconomic class - you don’t have a sponsorDisclaimer: I am a not a lawyer or an immigration professional. Hire an immigration expert if you are planning to seriously move to Canada.
How bad is it to be sponsoring an immigrant?
You will pick up the tab and the cost of all their errors.I sponsered (3) and none of them take any time to say hello or send a X mas card.They are from Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Argentina;Not a very apprecited effort by these friends…
Why is all the political discussion about immigrants and not the poor and homeless in the USA?
Ask the media and the politicians why they ignore them. The poor just don’t get political controversy over blatantly breaking federal laws all stirred up like immigration does. It’s harder to point fingers and call political opponents names like racist, xenophobes, and heartless like it is with immigrants. Immigrants make it easier to stick the fingers into the eye of the opposing party, and make them out to be villains. They can get pictures of them at the border, begging to be let in, and get emotions more stirred up. Americans are suckers for "feelings". The poor being old news, have pretty much used up those feelings, especially considering most of them have Smart Phones, color TVs, and cars, so are much better off than the immigrants. The poor have been around forever with neither party improving their situation, so it’s harder to place blame. It’s much easier for those who supported our Immigration laws in the past to do an about face and paint the other side as inhumane, too. The poor don’t give them that opportunity. And. Let’s not forget that fixing our broken system of immigration is what the enemy ran and won the election on, so it has to be turned into a failure even if it’s through stubborn opposition, and no fault of his own.See where this is going? It’s not about immigration or the poor. It’s about political gamesmanship, just like always. The sad truth is that politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about "We, the people". They’re in politics for themselves. ALL of them.
Why are people sponsoring immigrants when there are thousands of homeless people who need help?
I can answer from a Canadian perspective, since I joined two groups to potentially sponsor refugees into Canada although Canada has homeless people as well.I have also - in the past - tried to help homeless/borderline homeless, low-income people by heavily subsidizing a suite in my home.Bottom line…and these are broad generalizations so if you don’t like sweeping comments, stop reading now. I’m just answering the question from my perspective.Refugees are in need because - in most cases - they were forced from their homes and livelihoods by events outside their control, usually war. If you re-settle them in a safe location, they will find jobs and contribute to society with minimal disruption to the people helping them. Most of the Syrian refugees brought to Canada in 2015–2022 are thriving.In a social democracy, homeless are very often in need because of personal choices. Yes, I recognize some folks have bad luck but those with coping skills seem to dig themselves out or they still have family/friends willing to help them over a rough patch.The long-term homeless are often addicted and/or mentally ill. They are what I call seriously life-challenged. They steal from anyone who may help them. They are irresponsible with resources.If they get $500 in emergency funding to pay their rent and avoid eviction - they will blow that money and then plead for more help because they are about to be homeless. I’ve watched it happen first-hand - twice.They can be violent and are often perpetual users and grifters.It is not a simple matter of helping them to a ‘safe place• - they are often unable to sustain that safe place. The chaos they create disrupts the lives of anyone trying to help them. This is often why their families - eventually - walk away. They can’t fix it…and neither can most well-meaning volunteers.With immigrants, there is a much better chance of having a positive, long-term impact on someone’s life because the immigrant will work with the help and build towards a better future.The homeless…other than taking handouts…will often fight against help and resist improvement.For example,locally we have recently installed, government funded, little studio apartments for the homeless. Many of them now seem to be publicly agitating for free provision of illegal drugs. Crime is skyrocketing in the area where this housing was located.AFAIK, the former-homeless don’t want to stop using drugs - they just want to stop having to pay for them - while enjoying heavily subsidized housing with free meals.
How do I sponsor an immigrant?
Hi,Your question seems to be incomplete as there is no additional information mentioned related to the country of immigration and kind of sponsorship you are asking for. There are different ways of sponsoring an immigrant and that can be family as well as work sponsorship.Assuming that you are migrating to Canada on Family Sponsorship, I would like to tell the process for Spousal Sponsorship Canada.The Spousal Sponsorship is a part of Canada’s Family Sponsorship Programs that allows potential migrants who want to join their family in Canada to settle permanently.The Spousal Sponsorship allows a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident to sponsor his/her partner or spouse for permanent residency for Canada. The applicant must show a valid relationship with each other to be eligible to apply for Canada PR. The relationship must be of genuine in nature and sustainable too.The below mentioned are the Canadian Sponsorship Requirements that must be met for applying Spousal Sponsorship for Canada.To become an eligible sponsor:You must be over 18 years of ageA valid Canadian Citizenship or permanent residence holderYou must not have sponsored your spouse in the last five yearsYou must not have any criminal offenceTo become an eligible sponsored person:You must not fall below 16 years of ageThus, you both must meet eligibility requirements first to apply for spousal sponsorship and after applying must document all relevant proofs that prove your relationship to be long-term, sustainable and genuine in nature.Therefore, you must meet the spouse visa Canada Requirements first to apply for spouse sponsorship and along with relevant documents, proofs must be submitted to showcase your long-term, sustainable and genuine relationship.Apart from Spousal Sponsorship, there are other Canada PR programs like super visa and work permits where an applicant needs sponsorship. To know more in this regard and your better immigration chances, it is suggested to connect with Aptech Global visa and immigration experts by filling the Canada Assessment form. One of the experts will contact you soon to discuss the Canada PR query.
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