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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-864 sample

Instructions and Help about i-864 sample

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is attorney sharp rally and we're going to talk about about the form i-864 which is basically the affidavit of support where a lot of people are confused what needs to be done I hope I'm going to be able to kind of quickly give you an idea what you need where you need that and how you you busy what kind of forms you have to fill in different situations for one this is a brochure from the USCIS whenever you file a petition like an i-130 petition and depending if you're filing while the person is inside the United States for your parents your your your spouse or your siblings you if they are inside the United States you're filing the adjustment of status this form has to be filed concurrently however that means you have to file it at the same time however if you your parents or your siblings or your spouse is outside unit in the United States this form is usually filed at the second level with the National Visa Center which is basically the state department but no matter where you're filing it the bottom line you have to file it and the form is is here and you have the instructions and this is how the form looks like is the form is eight six four and this is the latest version it expires in 2021 it might change the form is pretty straight forward not really because sometimes there's some questions that people get confused upon so if you are a person who basically is making enough money and and you fall into the poverty guidelines so I'm going to go into the poverty guidelines I hope they have it here they have the poverty guidelines are form and where you can basically calculate the the amount that you make in order you can type it here poverty guidelines and eight six four guidelines so if you and here we are going they're taking me to 2021 here okay here we go well this is a the poverty guidelines right now what they have an 150% but of course for California as usual 125% but that's not really the form but i'll find the form in a minute but we'll go back after you look at the poverty guidelines see this is a form form i 8 6 4 p you will know how much how much money you are supposed to be to be looking at when you file your case for example one person maybe is around 25,000 initiate changes for 2% and you have to count your the the person and yourself and you have to count extra extra people who to whom you are petitioning for and also for your children anybody who is depending on you then you will come to the to the to the part of how much money you see here is going to look at one.

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