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Instructions and Help about Uscis form i-864

Good afternoon everyone I'd like to talk about the affidavit of support today and what exactly this form means because I get questions about it on the daily basis and affidavit of support which is form i-864 and also another form called hi 134 it's a contract between the intending sponsor the person signing this contract and the US government that they will not allow the beneficiary or the applicant for the visa on the green card to grow on federal benefits and they promise to support that immigrant plus their own household when we fill out at the dates of support for our clients we ask for three years federal tax returns preferably to get transcripts of those tax returns and if you don't have transfer to ask our clients to sign the tax returns we need three deers w-2 forms to show income from all the jobs that the sponsor has for the last three years and we ask for current pay stubs at least two months or six to eight weeks of current pay stubs to show that the sponsor is continuing to work is self-supporting and able to support the been the beneficiary the reason that the US government came out for the exudative support is they didn't want people to bring their relatives into the United States or spouses and live their public their American taxpayers support that person so they came up with the idea of the affidavits support when do I ever see the affidavit support come up people are always worried that their relatives will go to the hospital and occur medical bills and somehow the sponsor may get stuck with this bill for medical costs they're also worried that the beneficiary or immigrant will go and get a credit card debt don't get stuck with this is nothing to do with this the affidavit of support has nothing to do with medical bills or credit card bills but it does have everything to do with the applicant applying for public benefits in other words in New York City for example where practice if someone rules on welfare benefits or public assistance benefits I have seen the New York City human resources department go after the sponsor for whatever welfare they had paid out to the applicant because the sponsor did say that the public benefits would not be available because they would be supporting that applicant I've also seen affidavits of support used in divorce cases by spouses where the other spouse refuses to give them alimony or spousal support and they will pull out that affidavit of support and say look you promised to support me when I live in the United States for at least until I received my citizenship or the five years from the date of filing and they do use it as evidence in alimony and support cases other than that if this is just for your relative if this is just for a family.


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