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Uscis i-864 Form: What You Should Know

You agree, under penalty of perjury: I-918A: Contract for Employment Authorization of the Alien A-1031: Form 1031-A Affidavit of Support and Work Authorization H-822: Federal Student Aid Request for Alien Student F-1231: Affidavit of Support for Children under 18 A-1822: Affidavit of Support and Declaration of Spouse I-829: Form 829, Declaration of Support for a Minor Parent Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member The sponsor is required to file a Form I-864 if the sponsor and the sponsor's household member are both unmarried and have no living spouse. The sponsor must use this form unless the sponsor intends to apply for an immigrant visa for the proposed sponsored person. A person who has filed a Form I-864 is required to submit the affidavit with the application or other required documents that would support the immigrant petition. The sponsor must file the affidavit in the immigration office where the visa applicant was being processed on the date of the application. For immigrants seeking to become temporary workers, the sponsor must file the affidavit at the same immigration office where the immigrant will be working once the petition is approved. For immigrants seeking permanent residence, the sponsor must file the affidavit at the immigration office where the sponsored alien's permanent residence will be based. The sponsor must file the affidavit before the immigrant is admitted to the United States and must file the affidavit on or before the immigrant arrives in the United States. Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member The sponsor is required to file this form with the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to show that the alien is capable of financially supporting himself or herself without assistance from the sponsor. The sponsored household member is required to file Form I-864A before the immigrant arrives in the United States and the sponsored immigrant will be on the sponsor's payroll. The proposed immigrant may apply to remain in the United States after the end of the sponsored period by filing Form I-864A at least one month before the authorized stay. The affidavit is available on the ORR website at I-94W, Application for Admission or Change of Status of Aliens This form is provided by the Government to show the alien's eligibility for admission or travel by U.S. air carriers to the United States.

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Instructions and Help about Uscis form i-864

Good afternoon everyone. I'd like to talk about the affidavit of support today and what exactly this form means, because I get questions about it on a daily basis. The affidavit of support, which is Form I-864, is a contract between the intending sponsor (the person signing this contract) and the US government. The purpose of this contract is to ensure that the sponsor will not allow the beneficiary or the applicant for the visa or the green card to rely on federal benefits. The sponsor promises to financially support the immigrant as well as their own household. When we fill out the affidavit of support for our clients, we ask for three years of federal tax returns. It is preferable to obtain transcripts of those tax returns. If transcripts are not available, we ask our clients to sign the tax returns. Furthermore, we need three years of W-2 forms to show income from all the sponsor's jobs over the last three years. Additionally, we ask for current pay stubs, specifically at least two months or six to eight weeks of pay stubs, to demonstrate that the sponsor is currently employed and capable of supporting the beneficiary. The reason the US government introduced the affidavit of support is to prevent individuals from bringing their relatives or spouses into the United States and relying on public assistance funded by American taxpayers. They came up with this idea to ensure that sponsors take responsibility for financially supporting the immigrants they bring to the country. People often worry about the possibility of their relatives incurring medical bills and the sponsor being held responsible for covering those costs. However, it is important to note that the affidavit of support has nothing to do with medical bills or credit card debt. It is solely concerned with the...