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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2021 hhs poverty guidelines for affidavit of support

Instructions and Help about 2021 hhs poverty guidelines for affidavit of support

Hi everybody this is John Ferguson mando welcome back and thanks for watching Fischer first time on my channel as always welcome today's Q&A Friday episode number 8 in this episode um I'm gonna clarify something in a message one of my viewer also Scrabble send me on youtube if you want to know what it is stay tuned and I'll be right back USA moon em send me this message on YouTube there is no fee on affidavit of support form ia-64 it's free dude hi I am Robo and thanks for your comment so basically in your message you sent me you say that an affidavit of support on 3 is free and that what I'm saying is wrong because I made a video talking about on the feel from affidavit of support and you say I'm wrong well I think you're right and wrong let me clarify when you send your form own is is 64 is 64 easy or even I want to refer to USCIS you don't pay anything ok the fee is $0 zero dollars you can even go to the website and check the FIFO on those our own affidavit of support form you will see that the fee is $0 but now let's say you your case is a your I want 30 is approved and then your case is moved from USCIS to MVC National Visa Center where at that level you have to pay a fee you have to pay what is called affidavit of support processing fee also known as own a o/s processing fees so that you have a true fees you're gonna pay there like I mentioned my one of my previous video you have to pay your immigrant visa fee and then your affidavit of support processing or fee as well so roughly I think the fee is $120 if I'm a mistake but you can dog check that so yeah that's what you paid a fee for addictive support and that's what I'm talking about so I'm not talking about when you file your own form is it for your affidavit of support - before us yes I'm not talking about that you write that one is $0 is free but in order for NVC to process your affidavit of support you have to pay a fee I hope I clarify what I meant in the previous video for you again this is not a legal advice you can you know do your own research before continuing with your process that's it for today's video I hope you guys loved you learned something from me if you know somebody who needs what this video please share it that person if you liked the video hit the like button if you want to see more videos like this one all you gotta do is subscribe once again my name is John thanks for watching and see you in the next video don't forget to send.


How much income should a US citizen (resident of Texas) have to sponsor 3 relatives?
It’s right on the USCIS website: Form I-864P, 2021 HHS Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of SupportTake yourself, anyone living with you and add your three relatives. Find that number on the linked chart. That is the minimum amount of money you need to make to sponsor a relative.
Can my uncle and/or aunt be my co-sponsor for my K-1 visa since my fiance is still in college?
Is your uncle or aunt a US lawful permanent resident or US citizen? It is a requirement to be one of those. If so, do they meet the minimum income requirement on the I-864P, 2021 HHS Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support for their household plus you? In addition, it may depend on which country you are from. Some embassies are more strict than others in approving a sponsor for a K-1 fiance visa. For example, the US embassy in Manila, Philippines approves a sponsor on a K-1 fiance visa on a case by case basis.—————————————————————————————————————I write free information and articles about the US visa system for a fiance or spouse plus adjusting to new life in the USA on my website and blog. See my website and blog in my profile.