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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Poverty guidelines uscis

Instructions and Help about Poverty guidelines uscis

Everybody this is Bruce and today we're gonna be talking about the I 134 affidavit of support with little or no money now we get this question a lot and so that's why I thought it would be fitting to actually address it here on a video we actually got a question here from someone we've blocked out the name in the face of course because they might not want to be contacted or anybody know their own personal information but we get this same question over and over again how can you go through the affidavit of support if you have no money or very little money you basically are underneath the poverty guideline and get a lot of that from younger people students things like that but before we start on that I want to show you guys that we do have a visa approved a book that you can find on Amazon you just type in visa approved and we're the first people that pop up there's the book right there and it breaks down this entire process now right now it's only 199 by the time you see this video it might be more money than that we're actually gonna boost it up we're giving it away at this very low price because we want to give the folks that have been following us over the years a chance to actually purchase it before we boost up the price as a way of saying thank you but yeah here's the book it breaks the entire process up in four parts and it just talks about all the stuff that we've done to get through this process and how other people that we've talked to thousands of people over the years have have gotten through this process using using these steps as a matter of fact we also want to tell you about our visa approved group on Facebook now to find this group if you didn't already know you just go to Facebook type in visa approved and it should be one of the first groups that pops up if not it's it looks like this and it has about 30,000 members 28,000 something members right now at the time of this recording and you can ask any question you want to the group for free there's nothing there's no charge or anything like that but people help and want to know so as you can see here and lastly if you want more information on this process in other parts of this process you can go to our group at URI Bruce calm or Filipino Whitman calm they both go to the same place but you can just actually search for questions here and a lot of times we put it on our site quick disclaimer I am NOT a lawyer I'm not an authorised consultant what you're about to see is my opinion my experience going through this process because URI my wife.


As a sponsor, I got a letter from USCIS stating that I did not meet the 125%of the federal poverty guideline for the sponsor's household. I earn $40k perannum and I have no dependents. What do I do?
Are there other members of your household that they’re factoring in 40k is more than 125 for an individual…so make sure there were no clerical errors. Cosponsors are permitted Check to see if your situation qualifies. Similar to when someone wants to sign a lease on an apartment but doesn’t meet the landlord’s income requirements. Definitely DEFINITELY consult an immigration attorney as soon as possible. I am a legal fellow at an immigration nonprofit and an important message in the entire immigration law community is this Do not go it alone. Immigration law is too complex even if you’re at a point in the process where it seems straightforward. It is never straightforward. The feds are in the process of formulating new rules these rules have not yet been implemented making the restrictions even tighter on things like sponsors• and selfpetitioners• incomes receipt of public benefits etc. This is why it’s important to do this as soon as possible—I have no idea whether or not the new rules will impact you at all and it’s unlikely because they’ll apply to a very narrow segment of people but with anything immigrationrelated especially under the Trump administration…the sooner the better.
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